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What we do

Stephen P Wales offer a range of electric meters and metering equipment, including:

  • Simple single and three phase check or credit meters, allowing consumption figures to be read over a period of time.
  • Complex energy analysers for building managers looking to identify energy losses or faults in a circuit.
  • Prepayment meters for landlords and building managers looking to on-sell electricity to tenants.
  • Timers allowing usage to be charged on a variety of applications, including, laundry, lighting and sports equipment.
  • Energy Monitors, giving home owners the information they need to identify where and when energy is being used, helping them to take steps to reduce consumption.
  • A range of associated metering products, including Current Transformers, Meter Enclosures, and Seals & Wire.

Our services include

  • Let our experienced engineers pre-wire your DIN Rail or Panel Mounted meter/s into an enclosure for you prior to dispatch, allowing quick and easy installation right out of the box. 
  • Have a faulty prepayment coin or card meter?  Our Collect / Repair / Return service will you have you back up and running in a matter of days.
  • All of our Prepayment Meters and Timers, can be pre-programmed for you, prior to dispatch, saving you the time, (and stress), of configuring your meter once installed.
  • Weekly hire of specialist equipment such as Power Quality Analysers or Energy Loggers.

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