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Measured Parameters

ParameterMeasured InDescription
Active Energy kilo watt hours (kWh)The energy produced, flowing or supplied by an electric circuit during a time interval.
Active Powerwatts (W)The power that is used to do work on the load.
Apparent Energykilo volt ampere hours (kVAh)The power supplied to an electric circuit during a time interval.
Apparent Powervolt amperes (VA)The power supplied to the circuit.
Average Currentamps (I)The average of all instantaneous values during one alternation.  With an AC supply, the current increases from zero to peak value and decreases back to zero during one alternation.
Average Power Demandswatts (W)
Average Voltagevolts (V)
Currentamps (I)
Current in Neutralamps (I)
Frequencyhertz (Hz)
Hours Runhours (H)
Line Active Powerkilo watts (kW)
Line Apparent Powerkilo volt amperes(kVA)
Line Currentamps (I)

Line Power Factor(PF)

Line Reactive Powerkilo volt amperes reactive (kVAr)

Line to Line Voltagevolts (V)
Line to Neutral Voltagevolts (V)
Maximum Currentamps (I)

Maximum Power Demandswatts (W)
Maximum Voltagevolts (V)
Power Factor(PF)

Reactive Energykilo volt ampere reactive hours (kVArh)

Reactive Powervolt ampere reactive (VAr)
The power not used to do work on the load.
Total Harmonic Distortion(Amps)

Total Harmonic Distortion(Volts)

Voltagevolts (V)
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