What is MeterPay?
MeterPay is a smart prepayment solution, providing a modern alternative to traditional and insecure coin and card prepayment systems.
Who is MeterPay for?
MeterPay is for landlords and building owners who are looking to distribute electricity on a secondary basis.  This could be a landlord who has split a large house into a number of rooms or flats, or a commercial building with multiple office spaces.
How do tenants top up their meter?
Tenants can either visit or call the automated telephone line on 0844 745 8030. All they need is the serial number of their meter and the post code of the property. They then select the credit amount required, and use their debit or credit card to make payment. Once payment is authorised, the credit is immediately sent through to the meter over the mobile network, and the funds are forwarded in to the owner’s merchant account. The whole process should take no more than a minute.
What happens if the mobile network goes down?
In the event of an issue with the mobile networks restricting delivery of credit to a meter, a unique token is generated allowing the credit to be entered manually.
How do owners receive money from top ups?
MeterPay trust Stripe to process all card payments, and as part of the account set up process, owners will be required to set up a Stripe account.  This will allow them to receive card payments directly from their tenants, (MeterPay never hold funds from top ups), with payments being forwarded into their account on a 7 day rolling cycle.
Can owners manage their MeterPay account remotely?
Yes!  Owners can access their MeterPay account through any internet enabled device, any time of day, anywhere in the world.  From top-ups to tariff changes, it can all be done with just a few clicks.
Is MeterPay secure?
Yes!  From secure PCI compliant payments to built-in tamper alarms, (allowing meters to notify the MeterPay support team based on certain events such as terminal cover removal, magnetic field detection and power downs), we believe MeterPay to be the most secure prepayment solution on the market.
What if mobile signal is weak where I’m installing MeterPay?
MeterPay smart meters are supplied with true roaming SIM cards.  This means that they are not tied to one mobile network, and will automatically search for the strongest network to connect to.  In the event of a network going down, the SIMs will refresh within 2 hours, and connect to the next strongest network available.  Where mobile signal is restricted, for example if the meter were to be installed in basement, both internal and external antennas are available to boost signal quality.
Is MeterPay convenient for Tenants?
Yes! No more worrying about having the right change.  No more calling the landlord to purchase top up cards.  Tenants can top up their meter whenever they like, and with a MeterPay account, they can view consumption charts, track their top-up history, and set up automatic recharges.
Is MeterPay convenient for Owners?
Yes! No more emptying cash boxes or distributing meter cards.  Owners can simply set up their account, and let the MeterPay system manage the day to day running of their secondary electricity distribution.  And while we can’t stop tenants ringing you up in the middle of the night with no electricity and no money to top up, at least now you can manage the situation without having to get out of bed!
What alternatives are there to MeterPay?
  • Utility companies can install primary meters, (meaning the tenants pays directly to the utility company, removing any involvement of the building owner), but this will cost thousands per meter. 
  • Electricity bills can be included in the rent, but tenants have no incentive to conserve energy, frequently resulting in unexpectedly high bills.
  • Owners can install billing meters, allowing bills to be generated on a periodic basis, and payments gathered from tenants.  Not only timely to administrate, but owners can end up having to chase payments, or may even be left on the hook for a bill if a tenant vacates.
  • Traditional prepayment solutions are both inconvenient and insecure.  Coin meters can be vandalised or broken into, and owners need to frequently visit each meter to empty it, resulting in a mountain of small change.  Card meters require top-up cards to be distributed, either by the landlord or managing agent, which can result in phone calls at all times of day from tenants wanting to top-up.
MeterPay is available for both Single Phase and Three Phase power supplies.  Use the link below to view available meters:
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